Dr John Cernes

If you don't have graphics, this won't look very exciting
Colin Batchelor reckons John looks like this.
He's not so far wrong.

Since John has now left Merton College (admittedly he hasn't yet made it into the real world), this page has been set up in his honour by Robin Stevens.

John distinguished himself by being in residence at Merton College for an exceedingly long time, doing lots of mathematics, watching lots of Star Trek, and getting exceedingly annoyed if anyone pinched his seat in Hall or the TV room. After eight years of sitting in at the same seat in Hall, it became known as the Omphalos, after the seat of the Oracle at Delphi.

A further eighteen months later, John actually completed his thesis (it would have been finished earlier had a certain Miss Sinclair not inspired him to write another chapter). His departure from college was no doubt hastened by the fact that they refused to house him for a tenth year, and he was forced to commute in from Cheshire every week. John reluctantly agreed that Robin be allowed to sit in the Omphalos as he wasn't going to be around any more.

The aforementioned CRB has recently found evidence of one of John's ancestors carved in chalk on a Cheshire hillside.

John is a fervent follower of Australian soap operas and of Star Trek, his favourite character in the latter being the great Dr Beverly Crusher, so I couldn't go without placing a picture of her on this page:

John was entertained to read some of the Star Trek parodies sent to him by various people, not least this man.

John currently has access to the internet only through a very slow CompuServe connection, but can be emailed on 101715.433@compuserve.com if you don't mind the telephone number of an email address.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this: