Rocky Mountains, 27 May - 15 June 2002


On a holiday like this, I take lots of pictures. And I mean lots: nearly 700 in total. Of these, around 80% make it into my photograph albums, but that is clearly too many to be scanned by hand, or for most people to want to view online. A selection of around 10% of those taken are displayed here, sometimes with significant cropping - typically these are around 100kB in size. Smaller "thumbnails" of typically 20kB are also available.

All photos were shot on ISO200 film using a Pentax SLR camera with zoom lenses at focal lengths between 28mm and 210mm. Processed prints were then scanned at resolutions between 150 and 400 dpi on a Mustek flatbed SCSI scanner interfaced to a custom-built PC running Linux and edited using the xsane and xv packages.

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